Visit Aarhus Vand

We invite businesses, professionals, politicians and the media from all over the world to come and take a closer look at our solutions in water and wastewater management.

Need inspiration for water solutions?

Why not go on a tour and discover Aarhus Vand’s intelligent, sustainable and efficient water solutions? We organise tours to our facilities with an opportunity to experience Danish water technologies and solutions first-hand. To find inspiration and learn about water management in Aarhus, click on Solutions, where you will find a well of water-related solutions.


Tour 1: Drinking water

The drinking water tour takes you to our brand new waterworks. You will experience:

  • How we manage groundwater protection in a country where 100 percent of our drinking water is groundwater
  • How we focus on drinking-water safety and quality in our supply chain. We make use of neither chlorination nor disinfection or any other advanced treatment
  • How a waterworks is setting new operational standards in Denmark to ensure clean drinking water to our customers
  • How we manage a non-revenue water loss of less than 7 percent

Price: DKK 4.000 incl. VAT 
Duration: 2 hours
Combined with Tour 2 (same day), the total price is DKK 6.000 incl. VAT.


Tour 2: Wastewater

The wastewater tour takes you to one of our advanced wastewater treatment plants. You will experience:

  • How we succeed in ensuring the quality of the bathing water in Brabrand Lake and in our harbour
  • How we turn wastewater into a valuable fertiliser
  • How we turn an existing wastewater treatment plant into a power plant of green energy
  • How we separate rainwater from wastewater and our solutions to the challenges posed by climate change
  • How we apply online real-time control of heavy rainfall

Price: DKK 4.000 
Duration: 2 hours
Combined with Tour 1 (same day), the total price is DKK 6.000.


Tailored tours and water safaris

Tailored tours can be organised on request to meet the specific needs of your delegation. Thanks to our local knowledge, we can suggest interesting activities in our region, and we are more than happy to help you organise them. We will do our best to make your visit as rewarding as possible.

If you want to combine a tour with a dinner, a cultural exhibition in the city or see other aspects of utilities in Aarhus, for example energy, heat or waste management, then let us know. Together with The Energy Academy on Samsø we organise inspiring Water Safaris in Aarhus and in the region of Aarhus.

Scroll down for an example of a full-day experience in Aarhus. 

If you want to coordinate activities and tours in other parts of Denmark, State of Green offers a great overview of Danish companies and agencies ready to welcome you and showcase their best solutions.


Practical info

With its 350,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. Aarhus is located in the heart of Jutland. The nearest airport is Billund Airport (shuttle busses go directly to the Aarhus city centre). Find out what Aarhus has to offer at the Tourist Office. Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture in 2017.

The facilities visited on the tours are Egaa Wastewater Treatment PlantMarselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Truelsbjerg Waterworks.


Water Safari

Water Safari

A day full of experiences

We meet in the centre of Aarhus for a brief introduction to the city.

We take a walk along the River of Aarhus and pass the lock which protects the city centre from flooding.

We pass a subterranean wastewater storage tank and one of our water fountains.

We pick up bikes or go by bus to the Freight Area, a centre for cultural production in Aarhus.

We bike or go by bus to the waterworks alongside Lake Brabrand.

Lunch at the waterworks.

Guided tour of the waterworks, which focuses on the management of the drinking water in Aarhus and high standards for drinking-water safety.

We go back along Lake Brabrand and River of Aarhus to one of our WWTP where we have a full-scale phosphorous extraction facility producing fertilisers from the sludge.

We finish off in the centre of Aarhus where we enjoy some well-earned refreshments.