ReWater news

Invitation for the tender

We invite the most talented Danish and foreign consultants, contractors and architects to develop the plant together with us. On 9 May 2019 from 13-15, we will hold a preliminary meeting and present the upcoming tender for the Aarhus ReWater project at Aarhus Internationale Sejlsportscenter, Ester Aggesbosgade 80, 8000 Aarhus C.


no later than 1 May 2019.

Kick-off event and speed dating - May 17, 2018

Following our kick-off event at Aros, Aarhus on 28 March 2017, we carried out more than 40 speed dating sessions with consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions, entrepreneurs and others who may help us rethink, develop and build tomorrow’s wastewater treatment plant.

The purpose of these dating sessions was to uncover how the participants may help address one or more of Aarhus Vand’s innovation challenges (read more here), and what the individual speed dater wants to achieve by cooperating with Aarhus Vand and other players involved in the project.

In august 2017 we sent a description of each speed dater’s organisation and interest in the project (read more here) to a wide range of companies at home and abroad.

Innovation activities - May 17, 2018

Since the autumn, we have been working with a wide range of innovation challenges. Together with Blue Ocean Robotics, we have completed a roadmap study of robot technology for wastewater treatment plants.

The roadmap study and selected concepts for robot technology in existing and new resource plants were presented at a press conference at Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant on 8 May 2018.

Caption: From the left Karsten Lumbye Jensen (Innovation Manager, Aarhus Vand), Claus Risager (CEO, Blue Ocean Robotics) and Flemming Bomholt Møller (Project Manager, Aarhus Vand).

Click here to learn more about our work with robot technology.

COWI wins tender for builder owner consulting - May 17, 2018

Having completed a tender procedure for building owner consulting under EU rules, Aarhus Vand entered a contract with firm of consultants COWI in December 2017.

Now the parties have started preparing a strategy for how to put consortia out to tender regarding processes, technical solutions as well as architecture.

The Process Consortium is expected to be put out to tender at the end of 2018. It has yet to be decided when the Architect Consortium will be put out to tender.

Location of the plant - May 17, 2018

The final decision on the location of Aarhus ReWater has yet to be heard at Aarhus city council. Once various alternative locations have been established, their environmental impact must be assessed and included in the overall planning and hearing by the authorities.

The location of the new wastewater treatment plant is a crucial element in the overall schedule, which is updated continuously on our website here.

“Rethinking wastewater” - May 17, 2018

Based on the speed dating sessions and Aarhus Vand’s demands, we have listed a number of possible innovation projects for Aarhus ReWater.

The innovation projects have been prioritised and divided into four ownership categories in terms of importance - to us and to our partnersFurthermore, we have drawn up the following three focus areas and associated innovation projects which we want to work with in the

period 2018-2020:

1. Zero impact on the surroundings
2. Resources - now and in the future
3. Flexibility