Water Technology Alliance - a strong strategic collaboration between Denmark and the US

The Danish Water Technology Alliance (WTA) is a Danish outreach program providing specialized know-how on innovative water technology solutions. The Alliance is a part of The Trade Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and the partners include public Danish water utilities, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and leading technology and service providers.

Danish water utilities are ahead when it comes to technology, planning and know-how. With water and wastewater having become a critical issue not only in the US but also on a global scale, the Danish Trade Council in North America has, together with the Danish water utility collaboration 3VAND (Aarhus Vand, Hofor, Vandcenter Syd and Biofos) formed the Water Technology Alliance (WTA).

By having representatives from the leading Danish utilities spread the story about Denmark having had the same challenges that the American utilities are presently facing, there is a strong belief that the cooperation between the American utilities and the Danish Water Industry will blossom and gain advantages through the efforts made by WTA.

WTA Chicago and California

Aarhus Vand lends out - together with our partners in 3VAND - employees to US alliances established together with companies and the Trade Council. The employees are involved in the management of the two WTA teams in the US - in Chicago and California - a role in which they are committed to maintaining a close contact with Danish utilities at the forefront of modern water and wastewater treatment technology.

On the US side, they are working at establishing strong, professional networks through which common goals and results can be achieved, thereby securing the continued success of the WTA.

The Danish partners in WTA California and Chicago are - besides 3VAND and the Trade Council: Kamstrup, Applied Biomimetic, Danfoss, Grundfos, Rambøll, Smith Innovation, Skytem, DHI, AVK, LiqTech, I-GIS, Leif Koch, Nissen Energiteknik, Landia and Linak. The WTA is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation.

The WTA has offices in Chicago, Ill. and Silicon Valley, CA and work with both water resource management, water distribution, wastewater and water technology innovation.

What do we offer?

Our WTA teams in Chicago and San Francisco in California provide a full range of services to Danish companies that wish to enter the North American water and wastewater market or further grow their US presence and activities.

The service offered can take the company from the planning stages of a new market entry to execution of the entry process. WTA is working on strengthening its network within the water and wastewater community through plant visits, workshops, and fact finding visits to Denmark. The goal is to start a dialogue with US water and wastewater utilities.

We have extensive experience in strategic analysis, partner search, assistance with technical approvals, and, of course, implementation of sales efforts. Our teams of advisers have many years of experience with helping Danish companies gain a foothold in the US.