Status right now

The current status of the Aarhus ReWater project is described shortly below.


Niras A/S is appointed as EIA consultant.

At present time, the planning and the completion of the EIA is in progress.

Aarhus ReWater is part of a master plan for the area "Tangkrogen", which is located at Aarhus Bay bounded by Strandvejen to the west and the Port of Aarhus to the north.

Aarhus ReWater is thus the closest neighbors with the Port of Aarhus and Marselisborg Marina, therefore the EIA takes place in coordination with these.

At present time, two possible locations for the wastewater resource recovery facility are included in the EIA process. These are shown in the figure below and are named "Hovedforslag" and "Alternativ 2", respectively.

Final choice of location will be determined at the end of the EIA process.


Henning Larsen Architects A/S with Klinges Tegnestue, Topotek 1 GmbH and Eva Koch as subconsultants have been appointed as the architectural consultant.

Focus will be placed on an adaptation of the plant that goes beyond its mere utility value and incorporates the surroundings at a location in the transition area between land and sea, city and harbour, marina and event area.

The architectural consultant is to draft an overall architectural framework for the total wastewater resource recovery facility in the form of a master plan.

At present time, a masterplan is prepared for each of the two possible locations.

After the final appointment of the turnkey contractor and the process consortium at the completion of Phase 0, the final cooperation partners, including the architect, will be brought together in the turnkey contractor team. Approx. September 2021.

As part of the turnkey contractor team the architectural consultant will be doing the final design and architectural planning of the individual plants, buildings and outdoor areas.

Appointment of the process consortium

The tender regarding the process consortium has been completed.

Through this, two teams have been awarded a partnership agreement for Phase 0 in the the innovation partnership:



EnviDan A/S

KWR Water   Research Institute Haskoning DHV Nederland B.V 

Niras A/S

Jacobs UK


Innovation   Lab

At present time Phase 0 has commenced, and the two above teams are in the running for being appointed as the process consortium.

The final process consortium will be appointed following the execution of Phase 0. Approx. April 2021.