Upcoming tenders

Here you can find the expected time schedule for upcoming tenders.


Subject Expected time

Turnkey contractor, WWTP

 Dialogue meeting (Markedsdialog)  15 September 2020


Publication of tender documents and contract notice (tender process initiated)

 2 November 2020




Deadline for application for prequalification

4 December 2020



Deadline for submission of preliminary tender

11 February 2021



Negotiation meeting

9-10 March 2021


Deadline for submission of revised tender (final tender)

31 March 2021


Signing of partnership agreement for Phase 0

27 April 2021

Turnkey contractor, land reclamation and outlet piping

Publication of tender documents and contract notice (tender process initiated)

Medio 2022

Suppliers etc.

Deliveries (materials, process technologies, etc.) are procured on an ongoing basis as part of the future turnkey contractor's services.

Ongoing involvement after the conclusion of a turnkey contractor agreement in the autumn of 2021.


Aarhus ReWater is offered as a turnkey contract in an innovation partnership

In connection with the realisation of Aarhus ReWater, however, there will be a need to involve a large number of suppliers and subcontractors in the process.

The figure below illustrates the process from selection of turnkey contractor team to delivery of the finished wastewater resource recovery facility (WRRF). The intention is to give interested parties an insight into the process and when there will be a need to involve suppliers and subcontractors.

The development, design and realisation of Aarhus ReWater will be carried out as an innovation partnership in five phases, Phases 0-4, see figure below.

Phase 0: In Phase 0 – the preliminary part of the innovation partnership – the partners of the turnkey contractor team (process consortium, architect and turnkey contractor) will be appointed separately. Following the final appointment of cooperation partners at the completion of Phase 0, the final cooperation partners will be brought together in a turnkey contractor team. And the phases 1-4 will be realised within the appointed turnkey contractor team.

Phase 1: In phases 1, the initial design (description of possible scenarios - probably 2 to 4 - for Aarhus ReWater) will be carried out.

Phase 2: In phases 2, the preliminary design will be carried out.

Phase 3: In phases 3, the detailed design will be carried out.

Phase 4: In phases 4, the exetution will be carried out.