Sign up for our “speed dating” meetings

We are looking for partners to develop solutions to the world’s most resource-efficient waste water treatment plant, Marselisbog ReWater. To begin with, we are looking for solutions to the technical innovation challenges.

Developing the world’s most resource efficient WWTP cannot be done by using (only) existing knowledge, technologies and solutions. It requires a new way of thinking.

We can’t do this on our own. Therefore, we invite companies, manufacturers, research institutions, entrepreneurs, and others who combine professional insight with new thinking to help us solve the 15 innovation challenges outlined in the innovation strategy for Marselisborg ReWater.

Who can participate?

The starting point for this journey is a series of 1:1 meetings open to anyone who has products, services, and knowledge to meet one or more of the innovation challenges. We welcome players already working with water and wastewater, but other experts and professionals can also join in rethinking the resource and recovery plant of the future. We call it “speed dating” to state that this is the first opportunity to look for “the right match” and discuss the potential for a possible collaboration. It will be a confidential and bilateral but not too formal meeting, where we mutually grow wiser on our respective interests and expertise. All suggested solutions will of course be handled with confidentiality.

How to participate

To begin with, we are looking for solutions to the technical innovation challenges #2-9 and #11(please find the innovation challenges here)

It is possible to participate by means of:

  • Research into the basic technologies
  • Innovation where we use and put together new technologies
  • Development where we put together well-known technologies for new solutions
  • Maturation where we adapt known technologies to Marselisborg ReWater

How to apply

Speed dating meetings will take place at Aarhus Vand on the following days: April 19th, April 26th, April 27th, May 5th and May 10th. Apply for participation by filling out the template below. Please keep your answers as short as possible – it is after all just a starting point for our joint discussion. It is not possible to attach documents. The meeting is scheduled to last approx. one hour. Your welcome to bring a presentation, but most importantly the meeting will be centered around your response to the questions stated below. The meetings will be held in Danish or English based on your preference. You are welcome to fill in the template in Danish.

What happens next?

After conducting the series of “speed dates” in April and May, we will create an overview of the possible collaborators and solutions and make a suggestion on how to and in which teams we can pursue solving the innovation challenges.