Company profile

Our purpose, vision, values and Strategy 2025.


To create health through the supply of clean water—for people and the planet.


To create a national platform as a driver for local and global solutions for a healthier water cycle.

WATER Values

WE feeling, responsibility, innovation and dialogue.

Strategy 2025

Aarhus Vand’s business strategy towards 2025 is a further development of our strategy 2020 which, over the past 10 years, has turned Aarhus Vand into one of the leading companies in Denmark. The 2025 strategy will improve our capability for shaping tomorrow’s water company.  

Aarhus Vand is a local water company with a national and global vision.

Our 2025 strategy is based on the city of Aarhus and the potential of the city and the region. The inhabitants of Aarhus generally live longer than the rest of the Danish population. The city is growing, and there is an expected growth of 1.4 percent a year towards 2034, at which time there will be about 410,000 inhabitants. Aarhus—and the entire Business Region Aarhus with its 1 million inhabitants—is furthermore experiencing economic growth and an increase in the number of employees far in excess of the national average.

Last but not least, Aarhus Municipality has an ambitious climate action plan, where one of the objectives is to become CO2 neutral by 2030. We have already succeeded in reducing per capita emission by 40 percent since 2010. 

In other words, Aarhus is a developing, dynamic city, and Aarhus Vand’s strategy contributes to the further development of the city.

To see more about our business strategy please visit our Business Plan.